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The ASTA Certificate Advancement Program (ASTACAP) aims to establish clear objectives and recognition to students of all levels. Students are assessed at specific levels of technical and musical readiness through non-competitive examinations by examiners of musical and pedagogical stature, receiving certificates for each level completed.

Benefits of ASTACAP

  • A progressive, flexible curriculum of scales, arpeggios, etudes, and repertoire
  • Tailored levels ranging from Foundation –Level 10
  • Ability to individualize selections of study materials in any teaching tradition
  • A non-competitive performance experience
  • Examination by highly experienced and respected instructional specialists
  • Detailed and supportive feedback provided directly to teachers
  • Ability to collaborate with other students and teachers

Excell through ASTACAP

1. Learn more through the ASTACAP Handbook (free to all ASTA members)

  • Eleven progressive levels
  • Instrument-specific guidelines and requirements for bowed strings and harp-
  • Etude and solo repertoire listings
  • ASTACAP examination guide

2. Introduce students and parents to ASTACAP

  • Students and parents want to see growth just as much as teachers
  • Try using the ASTACAP Student & Parent Flyer to introduce the program and its benefit
  • Student & Parent ASTACAP Flyer

3. Participate in examinations

  • In-person examinations are available through ASTA state chapters
  • Online examinations are available biannually by application in June and November
  • In-Person Examinations

  • ASTACAP Online

4. Watch your students grow and excel as musicians!

“My students who participated greatly excelled, and they continue to be my best students."

“My students want to participate year after year and relish receiving the comments from the examiner."

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