Planned Giving Initiatives

You can play an important role in the mission and future of the American String Teachers Association by including the association in your estate plans. A deferred or planned gift can also result in significant tax advantages for your estate—and it helps to build the ASTA endowment, thus ensuring that future generations continue to benefit from your gift of string music.

Planned gifts usually come from assets rather than disposable income. The following are types of deferred or planned gift arrangements accepted by ASTA. We would be happy to talk to you or your financial advisor about opportunities to support ASTA through planned or deferred giving.

A bequest is the most frequent form of planned giving and can be as easy as writing a codicil (addition) to your will. There are several ways to make a charitable bequest:

• Donate specific property, including real estate, securities, cash, or tangible personal property
• Designate a percentage of your total estate be given to ASTA
• Designate all or part of your estate after all other bequests are satisfied
• Name ASTA in a contingent bequest, taking effect only if the primary beneficiaries are not able to receive their bequests Through bequests, you can make a gift in support of the ASTA general fund or to an area of specific interest to you, such as instrument outreach, the building fund, or the National Orchestra Festival.

Charitable Lead Trusts
A charitable lead trust is a planned giving vehicle that gives ASTA income from a trust established by you, the donor, for an allotted number of years. At the end of that time period, the trust can be transferred to your beneficiaries or revert back to you.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
A charitable remainder trust is a planned giving vehicle that allows you to make substantial gifts of cash, securities, or real or personal to ASTA, yet permits you or your beneficiaries to keep the income earned by the trust for life. There are two types of charitable remainder trusts:
• The charitable remainder annuity trust, which pays the donor a fixed income for life
• The charitable remainder unitrust, which pays the donor a variable income for life

Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance offers you an opportunity to make a significant contribution to ASTA and receive an immediate charitable deduction for the policy’s value. You may choose to designate ASTA as the beneficiary, co-beneficiary, remainder or residual beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Or you may choose to transfer a new or existing policy, designating ASTA as both owner and beneficiary.

Individual Retirement Accounts
ASTA may be named as the beneficiary of an IRA, a 401(k), or another company-sponsored retirement program you may designate. ASTA can be the sole beneficiary or share in a percentage of these funds.

Please call (703) 279-2113, or email to discuss Planned Giving Opportunities with the National Office