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ASTA String Curriculum 2011 Edition
ASTA String Curriculum

By Stephen J. Benham, Mary L. Wagner, Jane Linn Aten, Judith P. Evans, Denese Odegaard, and Julie Lyonn Lieberman

Price: $49.99


ASTA String Assessment Guide
ASTA String Assessment Guide (E-book)

By Margaret Berg and Denese Odegaard

Member Price: $39.95


String Syllabus Volume One (2009 Edition)
ASTA String Syllabus Volume One

Ed. David Littrell

Price: $39.99


American String Teacher

Every quarter, our award-winning, peer-reviewed journal keeps members up to date on the string profession. The journal provides feature articles, teaching tips, and music reviews, as well as association and industry news.

ASTA is excited to be partnering with SAGE Publishing to produce American String Teacher and the String Research Journal. SAGE is a leading international provider of innovative, high-quality content. The partnership with SAGE provides robust online access with searchable archives, increased visibility in the strings community, and streamlined submission process for authors.