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Achieving an artistic violin vibrato: Applications of research to the classroom
Vibrato is an essential musical element in string instrument playing that enhances and facilitates expressive performance. However, the acquisition of a beautiful vibrato remains one of the most difficult skills for a young string player to obtain and for instructors to teach. There are many reasons that vibrato is a difficult skill to master...
Preparing to purchase: Pointers to ensure a positive experience 
“How much should a violin cost?” That is a question asked by many parents and administrators. It is a question that John Rihani of Encore Orchestral Strings [shop] in Indianapolis often asks students when speaking to groups of aspiring string players. And the kids usually throw out numbers at him...
Common technical problems of the young cello player and how to fix them
Year after year and all around the world, students learning to play the cello seem susceptible to the same basic problems. What follows is a list of many of these problems along with suggestions for fixing them. I’m sure you’ve considered, and even tried, some of these ideas, but...

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