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The String Research Journal (SRJ) represents the research community of the American String Teachers Association. Its purpose is to:

» Encourage and improve scholarship and research within the string education profession
» Disseminate the results of this work to the string and larger music teaching communities

It is different from our quarterly publication, the
American String Teacher.

Each year the
SRJ publishes reports of peer-reviewed original research related to string music teaching, learning, and performance. The journal considers quantitative, qualitative, historical, and philosophical research relevant to string settings—from early childhood study to the advanced private studio and string ensembles. It covers a wide range of topics—including various aspects of string pedagogy and teaching practices, effective rehearsals, performance, history, and listener perception.

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Volume VII Released: August 2017

  • Jacquelyn Dillon and the Development and Promotion of Heterogeneous String Class Teaching Methods in the United States - Rebecca L. Tast
  • Eclectic Styles and Improvisation in String Orchestra Performances - Martin Norgaard & Skip Taylor
  • The Design and Implementation of the ASTA Mentor Program: Perceptions of Program Developers and Mentor Preparation Workshop Participants - Margaret H. Berg & Colleen Conway
  • Music Educator Views on String and/or Orchestral Participation in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi - Jane M. Kuehne & Guy Harrison
  • Socio-Musical Connections and Teacher Identity Development in a University Methods Course and Community Youth Symphony Partnership - Karin S. Hendricks & Ann M. Hicks

Volume VI
  • Reflections on a String Educator’s Journey – Margaret Schmidt
  • A Comparison of Three Pedagogical Methods for Setting Cello Endpin Length – Rebecca L. Tast
  • An Analysis of Ratings Assigned to String Musicians’ Performances at Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment Events – David A. Pope and James P. Mick
  • A Survey of Practice Behaviors among Middle and High School String Players – John M. Geringer, Rebecca B. MacLeod, and Heather Lofdahl
  • The Effect of Pitch and Rhythm Difficulty on High School String Sight-Reading Performance – Michael L. Alexander and Michele L. Henry

Volume V
  • Students with Disabilities in the String Classroom: An Integrative Review – Lori F. Gooding and Olivia Swedberg Yinger
  • ASTA Research Poster Sessions (2006-2014) – Jane E. Palmquist
  • The Status of Public School Orchestras in Kansas – Rebecca L. Tast
  • Tradition Bearers as Educators: A Multi-Case Study of the Teaching Behaviors and Beliefs of Three Old-Time Musicians – Christen Blanton, Mark Dillon, and Rebecca B. MacLeod
  • The Development of a Detaché Rhythm Hierarchy for String Sight Reading – Michael L. Alexander and Michele L. Henry
  • Influences on String Teachers' Career Decisions – Kristen Pellegrino, and John Si Millican

Volume IV
  • String Pedagogy for the 21st Century: Catching up with Research – David W. Sogin
  • Factors Contributing to Teachers’ Inclusion of Music Composition Activities in the School Orchestra Curriculum – Michael T. Hopkins
  • A Descriptive Examination of Aural and Visual Practice Strategies Exhibited by Beginning-Level String Students When Memorizing Music Material – Jacob M. Dakon
  • Influence of Primary Performance Area, Education Level, and Performance Quality on Pre-Service Music Teachers’ Ratings of String Orchestra Performances – David A. Pope
  • A Descriptive Analysis of Performance Models’ Intonation in a Recorded Excerpt from Suzuki Violin School Volume I – John M. Geringer, Rebecca B. MacLeod, and Julia C. Ellis

Volume III
  • Music Wellness: Opportunities for String Researchers – Judy Palac
  • An Exploration of the Relationships between Cultural Background and Musical Preferences in a Diverse Orchestra Classroom – Rebecca B. MacLeod and Constance L. McKoy
  • Musicians’ Preferences for Different Variants of Bow Skew in a Violin Performance – David W. Sogin
  • An Analysis of High School and University Cellists’ Vibrato Rates, Widths, and Pitches – David A. Pope
  • Middle and High School String Students’ Preferences for Alternative String Styles – James P. Mick
  • High School String Players’ Perception of Violin, Trumpet, and Voice Intonation – John M. Geringer, Rebecca B. MacLeod, and Justine K. Sasanfar

Volume II
  • Collaboration for Our Greater Good – Gail V. Barnes
  • Factors Influencing Secondary String Students’ String Teaching Career Choices – Donald L. Hamann, Robert Frost, and Tami Draves
  • An Examination of Before and After Rehearsal Pitch Tendencies of String and Wind Musicians – Kevin L. Droe, Jonathan Chenoweth, and S. Daniel Galyen
  • How Does Rosin Affect Sound? – Knut Guettler
  • The Perceived Impact of String Programs on K-12 Music Programs – Joshua A. Russell and Donald L. Hamann
  • Effects of Stimulus Type, Distance, and Instrument on High School Students’ Open String Tuning – Michael L. Alexander

Volume I
  • String Vibrato: Research Related to Performance and Perception – John M. Geringer, Michael L. Allen, and Rebecca B. MacLeod
  • An Investigation of New String Programs Established in American Schools between 1999 and 2009 – Robert Gillespie and Donald L. Hamann
  • A Study of Self-Regulated Learning in College String Majors – Susan J. Kim
  • Examining Possible Influences of String Students’ Self-Efficacy and Musical Background Characteristics on Practice Behaviors – Jennifer Cahill Clark
  • A Pilot Study of Relationships between Pitch Register and Dynamic Level and Vibrato Rate and Width in Professional Violinists – Rebecca B. MacLeod


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