String Research Journal - Volume 3

  • Music Wellness: Opportunities for String Researchers – Judy Palac
  • An Exploration of the Relationships between Cultural Background and Musical Preferences in a Diverse Orchestra Classroom – Rebecca B. MacLeod and Constance L. McKoy
  • Musicians’ Preferences for Different Variants of Bow Skew in a Violin Performance – David W. Sogin
  • An Analysis of High School and University Cellists’ Vibrato Rates, Widths, and Pitches – David A. Pope
  • Middle and High School String Students’ Preferences for Alternative String Styles – James P. Mick
  • High School String Players’ Perception of Violin, Trumpet, and Voice Intonation – John M. Geringer, Rebecca B. MacLeod, and Justine K. Sasanfar
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