String Research Journal  |  Volume 11  |  2021

  • Irish Fiddle and Western Classical Violin: Listener Perceptions and Acoustical Differences — John M. Geringer, Kasia Bugaj, and Katie A. Geringer

  • Balancing String Instruction in an Instrumental Lab Setting: An Intrinsic Evaluative Case Study — Tawnya D. Smith, Karin S. Hendricks, Ronald P. Kos Jr., and Andrew Goodrich

  • Hidden Ground: Exploring an Approach to Educational Music for Strings — Maia Giesbrecht and Bernard W. Andrews

  • Status of Band and Orchestra Programs in North Carolina — David S. Miller, Rebecca B. MacLeod, and Jennifer S. Walter

  • An Analysis of Ratings and Interrater Reliability at the American String Teachers Association’s National Orchestra Festival — David A. Pope and James P. Mick

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