String Research Journal

Call for Nominations

Editorial Board and Editor

The America String Teachers Association is calling for nominations for Editor and three positions to serve on the String Research Journal Editorial Board (2021-2027). The String Research Journal is the juried string research publication of ASTA.

Any ASTA member may self-nominate or nominate another individual (with permission of the nominee) for SRJ Editor and/or Editorial Board consideration. An electronic copy of the nominee's CV (in pdf or .doc/.docx format) must be submitted to the email address below no later than January 8, 2021.

David W. Sogin, Editor
String Research Journal

Qualifications: ASTA membership and documentation of sustained research activity in the areas of string playing and teaching. Editor and Members of the String Research Journal Editorial Board serve 6-year rotating terms. Outgoing SRJ Editorial Board members are eligible for successive terms. Members whose terms are expiring are John Geringer, David Pope, and David Sogin.

Responsibilities: Review submitted manuscripts for the SRJ and make recommendations for publication; review submissions for the annual ASTA Research Poster Session.

The SRJ Editorial Board will consider all nominations. Recommendations of the current board will be forwarded to the ASTA President for appointment consideration.