ASTA Member Recommendations:

Tools for Teaching Remotely

As you move to online teaching, ASTA has organized a quick guide of member-suggested platforms. These collaboration tools can help you successfully teach online. Visit the ASTA Connect online community to ask questions and gather more details on how members have successfully used these tools.


Zoom provides a platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is conference room software used in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms.

See how you can most effectively use Zoom as you navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Zoom has various meeting plans—learn more.

Check out this tutorial on YouTube about using Zoom in music mode.


Skype allows you to set up online meetings, make a phone call (video or regular), and use instant messaging, screen sharing, and more. Check out their website to see if this tool is right for you. Skype works for your phone, desktop, and tablet, as well as being compatible with many different types of software.

This online tool is free if both users are using Skype. There are premium features that require payment—you can find those details on their support page.

FaceTime/Google Duo App

Members have also suggested video calling on your cellular network. This feature allows you to make a video call from your phone, tablet, or desktop (as long as there is a camera). Using FaceTime (for iPhone) or the Google Duo App (for Android) can facilitate the connection between you and your student. Members have suggested that if you plan to play or play along during your lessons, it is important that you have the means to set up your device so that you are visible to your party.

Apps for your Phone, Tablet, Desktop

Other member‐suggested apps available for download on your device to connect virtually with your students include:

  -  Facebook Messenger
  -  IMO
  -  KakaoTalk
  -  Oovoo
  -  Tango
  -  WeChat
  -  WhatsApp

You can find any of these in the app store on your device. If you choose to use an app, please note that you will need your student(s) to download the app as well.

Email Video Calls

If you and your student have the same email engine, you can log in and call from there. The most popular is Google Hangouts, but you can also use this feature in most email accounts. This tool allows you to make a video call on your desktop, phone, or tablet.