Advocacy Tools

ASTA is committed to providing resources to aid teachers, parents, and others in advocating for strings education in school districts everywhere. We encourage you to download the following documents and disseminate them to strings supporters in your community. The "Why Strings?" brochure is one of our most-used resources.

Even if you currently have strings programs in your schools, these resources can help you keep strings in your district. Voicing your support for strings programs to the school board and community can help prevent future cuts to your program. Don't wait until a crisis hits before taking action to keep strings in your district.

You can count on ASTA to share new information and resources as they become available.

Learn how educational stimulus funding, the largest investment in public education by Congress in our lifetime, can support your string program.

Did you miss the webinar? You can view the recording here.
We encourage you to share this statement with administrators and other decision-makers for your music program in your school district.

Includes talking points.
Quick Reference
(Adobe PDF File)
This step-by-step guide to creating string music programs is based on successful programs from around the country. It provides information that has been identified by researchers and teaching professionals as the most critical elements for long-term success.
Why Strings? Brochure
(Adobe PDF File)
Participation in a school and/or studio string instrument program enhances a child’s quality of life. It provides creative, emotional, and social opportunities and unifies communities. This brochure highlights how students, schools, and communities benefit from a string program.
We live in a time when school budgets often seem to be coming up short, leading to possible cuts to music programs. This article provides tips and strategies to help keep your strings programs funded.