Advocacy Tools

ASTA is committed to providing strings advocacy resources to aid teachers, parents and others with advocating for strings education in school districts everywhere. We will be continuing to build and revise these valuable resources. Feel free to download the following documents and disseminate them to all strings supporters that you may know. The Why Strings brochure is one of our most-used resources!

Be sure to check back here often, as we will continue to create new strings advocacy resources.

Even if you currently have strings programs in your schools, these documents will help you KEEP strings in your district. Voicing your appreciation for strings programs to the school board and community can help to prevent a future cut to your program. Do NOT wait until a crisis hits before taking action to keep strings in your district.

Quick Reference
(Adobe PDF File)
Download ASTA's Step-by-Step Guide to creating strings music programs, based on successful programs from around the country. Two versions are available.
Why Strings? Brochure
(Adobe PDF File)
Participation in a school and/or studio string instrument program enhances a child’s quality of life. It provides creative, emotional, and social opportunities and unifies communities. This brochure highlights how students, schools, and communities benefit from a string program.
Support Our Strings (SOS) is a PowerPoint presentation that may be used by various groups looking to advance, keep, or begin strings programs in community schools. Teachers, parents, students, and other music advocates will find this presentation full of helpful and truthful information regarding strings programs in schools.
How to Use SOS
(Adobe PDF File)
Download these instructions to better understand how to use SOS to its full potential.
Talking Points
(Adobe PDF File)
This list of ASTA approved talking points will give power and impact to your speeches, letter writing campaigns and editorials.
Navigating Media Outlets
(Adobe PDF File)
This document gives basic information on how to write an effective letter to the editor and op/ed.
Influence Your Audience
(Adobe PDF File)
Whether it is school board officials, parents or the community, this short list of tips will ensure that you are comfortable and able to give an effective speech.
Other Advocacy Resources
(Adobe PDF File)
If you are looking for even more music advocacy resources, this document is for you!
Discovering Strings and Orchestra
Discovering Strings and Orchestra, an ASTA project supported by a grant from NAMM, is designed to encourage young students to participate in string and orchestra programs in their schools and communities. The program partners youth groups, with a focus on students in grades one through three, with volunteer string clinicians in a five-session workshop.