AST Journal - November 2019

Volume 69, Number 4

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Teaching Pure Mad Joy: Duet Resources for Violin Teachers and Students
By Anna Presler

By inspiring our students through ensemble playing in their lessons, we help them build the skills not just of a violinist, but a musician.

Fostering Harmonic Awareness in the String Orchestra
By Samuel Tsugawa

Students aware of the harmonic contexts of the music they play learn to perform more expressively, beyond the printed phrasing and dynamic markings.

The Remedial Process: An Interview with Mimi Zweig
By Vanessa Mio

As a pedagogue, Zweig has had a remarkable influence on students through her systematic progression of establishing a healthy foundation.

Double Bass Parts: Challenges and Opportunities
By Christopher Horner

An awareness of what might make a bass part rewarding or challenging for young bass players can help lead to a successful experience for these musicians and for the whole group.

Social Justice and Ensemble Success: Implementing Alternative Seating Practices
By Tammy S. Yi

Alternative seating practices became so popular with my music students that there was a significant increase in the number of orchestra members.

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