AST Journal - February 2020

Volume 70, Number 1

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Teaching Musical Interpretation: A Student-Centered Model for Addressing a Fundamental Concept
By Paul Trapkus

From a musical perspective, interpreting a piece of music is fundamental to performing Western art music. Interpretation allows centuries-old music to be played today while still sounding fresh.

From the Beginning: Building Foundational Technique in Violin and Viola Students
By Kevin Nordstrom and Stephen Nordstrom

The exercises in this article will prove useful to young and experienced teachers as they work on foundational techniques with their beginning violin and viola students. They will also be valuable to the teacher who has a more advanced student in need of remediation.

A Sequential Approach to Teaching Tuning Independence
By John-Rine A. Zabanal

While string players may agree that learning how to tune their own instrument is an important skill, it appears to be of secondary importance for most beginning strings teachers. The purpose of this article is to provide beginning and middle school orchestra teachers with a framework for teaching tuning independence.

Rehearsal and Performance Guide: Elgar’s Serenade for Strings
By Mark Laycock

Serenade for Strings in E minor, op. 20, offers a wealth of expressive and technical challenges, yet remains accessible to many student ensembles.

Becoming an Artist: Viola Repertoire for the Developing Student
By James Przygocki

The suggested repertoire is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but will help to fill the gaps in our more familiar core repertoire to better prepare developing violists for success in playing the great works for our noble instrument.

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