AST Journal /February 2019 Edition

AST Journal - February 2019

Volume 69, Number 1

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The Other Piano Trio: Works for Violin, Viola, and Piano
By Penny Thompson Kruse

This article will familiarize readers with works that were specifically written for violin, viola, and piano. Some of the composers’ names will be familiar, but many will not. There is enough breadth of repertoire to fill several entire concerts.

Why Would You Hire You? Preparing for a Successful Job Interview
By Blair Williams, Lindsay Fulcher, and Liz Dinwiddie

In this article, we present a “Google Earth” perspective of interview elements and suggest preparation techniques to provide readers with the larger picture of what could happen and how to prepare for a string teaching interview.

Culturally Responsive Teaching within Rural, Suburban, and Urban Orchestra Programs
By Elizabeth A. Reed

The article highlights the perspectives of orchestra teachers and students from three specific programs in rural, suburban, and urban settings and relates these perspectives to the need for and results of culturally responsive teaching.

Games and Activities for Classroom Violin Instruction
By Joel Epstein

In this article, I offer some of the group activities and games that I use in my classrooms of second and third grade beginning violin students. Most of these activities are designed to engage all the students in the class, while giving the teacher the opportunity to pay attention to individual students.

Collaborative Composing in Middle and High School Chamber Music Ensembles
By Michael Hopkins

Students that collaborate in small groups together engage with each other’s ideas and establish shared meaning. They negotiate, compromise, and reach consensus to achieve a goal—skills that are fundamental for entering the professional workforce and the world community.

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