AST Journal / February 2015 Edition

AST Journal - February 2015

Volume 65, Number 1

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 Tips on Landing a Job and Making It Through the First Years (2/1/2015) 
   Graduating from college is exciting—after taking countless methods classes, writing about your educational philosophy and completing a semester of student teaching, you have finally earned that much anticipated degree! Now, it is time to find a job…
 Bartók’s Rhapsodies (2/1/2015) 
   Imagine for a moment that musicologists have just made a monumental and history-defying discovery. Imagine they have unearthed a great number of recordings, letters and essays by J.S. Bach, documenting with sound and word exactly how the old master i
 A Guitar Teacher’s Guide to Using the Fretboard Editor with Finale 2014 (2/1/2015) 
   With the introduction of Finale 2014 a new chord feature, the Fretboard Editor, was made available that greatly simplified creating custom guitar fretboards. Guitar educators can use this feature to design custom elements for your guitar classroom qu
 Inheriting, Losing and Rehabilitating Students (2/1/2015) 
   When inheriting new students, there are ways to make the transaction healthy while retaining everyone’s dignity.
 Online Musical Collaboration: Easy as P.I.E.! (2/1/2015) 
   I often wish my students were more motivated to collaborate musically. Social collaboration is never a problem! They love to talk and share stories.

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