Welcome to the home of the ASTACAP® Online Examinations

ASTACAP’s online presence is an important part of our mission. Having established robust pedagogy and student learning benefits over 15 years of live examinations, we want to be sure the examination process (adjudication) is available to all ASTA members and their students. This is the purpose of the online examinations. 

The non-competitive philosophy, skill-based goals, and flexible curriculum and repertoire are the center of the ASTACAP program. This is consistent no matter how one takes the examination. Find the details in the ASTACAP handbook.

Applying For A Student Online

Information Form to Collect Student's Application Information

To learn more about the ASTA Certificate Advancement Program, contact the National Office at asta@astastrings.org  or 703-279-2113.

Applications for the June online exam are now closed. The next online exam period is November 2018.

Applications can be submitted for the online exam on Acceptd. The fee structure for the online exams can be found on page 10 of the ASTACAP handbook. The handbook also includes details for the online exam.

ASTA  is happy to announce its partnership with Acceptd to collect applications for ASTACAP. Acceptd's mission is to enrich the lives of artists by connecting them with the opportunities that matter most to them. To achieve this mission, Acceptd helps streamline the application and audition process for Arts Organizations around the world. To apply for ASTA's online ASTACAP, please click here.