National Awards for State Chapters

Applications for 2023 awards are due by January 31, 2023

State chapter awards are presented annually at the ASTA National Conference. All winners receive a commemorative plaque and coverage in ASTA digital, print, and social media. Please note that states are not eligible for the same award in two consecutive years (e.g., the chapter that won Best Website Award 2021 is ineligible for the Best Website Award 2022, but could win Most Improved Chapter 2022 or any other award); this rule does not apply to the Membership Recruitment Award, since it's determined by net gain of members instead of an application.

Membership Recruitment Award
Determined by the net gain of members for the previous calendar year. (No application required.)

Best Newsletter Award
Submit three (3) copies of your last two (2) newsletters to the ASTA national office at the address below. Submit electronic newsletters to Send submissions to the attention of "Best Chapter Newsletter Award."

Most Improved Chapter Award
Submit a list of at least three (3) reasons why your chapter should be considered for this award. Send submissions to with the subject line "Most Improved Chapter Award." Criteria can include, but is not limited to:
  1. Recruitment of new members
  2. Newly created board positions
  3. New activities
  4. New website or newsletter
  5. New student chapters

Outstanding Chapter Award

Nominate your chapter for the Outstanding State Chapter Award by submitting a written statement to with the subject line "Outstanding Chapter Award." Explain why your chapter deserves the award; this might include events you hosted, increased participation at chapter events, significant financial grants distributed, etc.

Chapter Leadership Award

To nominate a current (2020-2022) or previous (2018-2020) chapter board member who has demonstrated exemplary service for your state, submit your nomination via email to with the subject line "State Chapter Leadership Award" and at least a one-paragraph description of why your nominee deserves the award.

Best Website Award
Send your chapter website’s URL to with the subject line "Best Website Award." (Don’t have a website? Consider offering a membership to a student ASTA member in exchange for his or her web design skills. Your treasury may be used to finance the student membership! You also might try offering free advertising space on your site to a company that will design/maintain/host your chapter website.)

The application deadline for 2023 awards is January 31, 2023.

2022 Winner

  • Membership Recruitment: Texas

2021 Winners

  • Chapter Leadership Award: Katherine Lewis, Illinois
  • Outstanding Chapter: Illinois
  • Best Newsletter: Wisconsin
  • Best Website: Virginia
  • Membership Recruitment: Texas

2020 Winners

  • Chapter Leadership Award: Alison Bazala-Kim, Maryland/DC
  • Best Newsletter: Illinois
  • Best Website: Colorado
  • Membership Recruitment: Florida
  • Outstanding Chapter: North Carolina
  • Most Improved Chapter: Colorado

2019 Winners

  • Chapter Leadership Award: Christina Givan, Kentucky
  • Best Newsletter: South Carolina
  • Best Website: Maryland/DC
  • Membership Recruitment: Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming
  • Outstanding Chapter: Maryland/DC