ASTA Member-Get-a-Member Campaign

Share the benefits of ASTA membership with your colleagues through our Member-Get-a-Member Campaign. You could earn big rewards for yourself, and generate more funds for your chapter to invest in state-level programs!

There is no better advocate of ASTA membership than you. We even make it easy – simply tell us who you'd like to invite to join ASTA, and we will send your colleague an email that highlights ASTA member benefits and encourages them to join.

 Here are three easy steps to start earning rewards:
Email the first and last name, city, state, and email address for the person/people you would like us to send membership information to on your behalf.  You just need to follow-up to be sure they know you referred them and that they add your name to their application. 

New member completes the online or paper membership form and submits it with payment (be sure they include your name and email address as the recruiter).

You, as the recruiter, will be rewarded.

Campaign Rules

You will be rewarded with an ASTA membership pin for each new professional, student, senior, or dual member you recruit. Recruit more than three new members and receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Recruit more than five new members and receive 30% off your next membership renewal. Everyone who participates in the recruitment of at least one new member will be entered into a drawing for a complimentary one-year membership renewal. There's also a Mega Prize. For details, see Recruiter Rewards.
  • ASTA individual members (professional, student, senior, and dual) are eligible to participate as recruiters.
  • The recruiter’s name and email address must be on the membership application to be eligible for rewards. ASTA cannot add the recruiter name after the membership application is submitted.
  • Who can you recruit? Professional, student, senior, and dual members.
  • What types of referrals are not eligible for member-get-a-member rewards?
    • Current member renewals (someone who was a member in 2017)
    • Other ASTA membership categories, such as SIC, Institutional, and Transitional
  • Rewards are calculated on new memberships gained from February 1, 2018, through August 31, 2018.

For questions about this membership campaign or for more assistance, contact Tracey Krat in the ASTA membership department or call 703-279-2113.