CodaBows for America Community Outreach Program

2017 celebrates the 16th anniversary of ASTA’s CodaBows for America Community Outreach Program.  Each year, CodaBow International, Ltd. donates approximately $5,000 worth of full-size CodaBows to deserving schools and studios. Violin, viola, and cello bows can be awarded. In the program’s 16 year history, over $55,000 worth of Aspire CodaBows have been given to programs across the country. Applications are accepted from ASTA members in good standing on behalf of schools or studios that outline the particular worthiness, promise, and need of their program.

The winners of bows for our 2017 CodaBows program have been announced!

Congratulations to the two string programs recently selected as 2017 recipients of DIAMOND NX Codabows for use by their students:

  • David Pope on behalf of the Elyria High School
  • Sally Hood Jungreis for Clark Middle School

ASTA thanks Jeff Van Fossen and CodaBow International for their generosity in sponsoring this program!
CodaBows for America Community Outreach Program advances the welfare of public and private music programs through the donation of bows to deserving programs in good standing. If your school could benefit from a gift of CodaBows, please click the link below for the program application.

Applications must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2018.