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Mentor Program

ASTA recognizes that early career teachers (mentees) in their first five years of teaching would benefit from a program where highly qualified string specialists serve as mentors. The ASTA Mentor Program is designed to connect early career teachers who desire additional guidance on their teaching with experienced school string/orchestra teachers.

Instrument Outreach

The American String Teachers Association’s instrument outreach initiatives are generously supported by ASTA members CodaBow International, Winona, Minnesota, and Potter Violins, Takoma Park, Maryland. In recent years, ASTA and our partners have awarded more than 60 new instruments to talented students through Potter Violins Instrument Awards, and more than $50,000 worth of CodaBows to deserving teaching programs throughout the country through CodaBows for America.

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String-related job opportunities are posted to the ASTA website on a continuing basis.

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