ASTA Collegiate Graduating Class of 2020

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ASTA Collegiate Class of 2020 Yearbook

Robert Bohinski

University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Music Education

Margaret Chan

Ithaca College
B.M. in Music Education
Future Plans: I will be working at Somers Middle School in Somers, NY as their Orchestra Director.

Yu Ray Chu

Florida State University
Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education
Future Plans: Pursue M.M. at Ithaca College

Katrina Cwiertniewicz

West Chester University
Music Education

William Dickson

California State University San Bernardino
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Future Plans: I plan on getting my teaching credential and teaching music at the elementary or middle school level.
"Music comes from the musician, not the instrument." - Victor Wooten

Darian Douglas

University of Oregon
Masters of Music in Violin/Viola Performance and Pedagogy
Future Plans: Teaching in the public schools, hopefully middle school or elementary orchestra!

Hannah Gould

James Madison University
Bachelor of Music, Concentration in Education
Future Plans: I plan to teach orchestra in middle or high school while I pay off my student loan debt, then I hope to go to grad school to pursue either media scoring or orchestral conducting.

Darby MacAdams

West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Music Education
Future plans: I am very excited to teach, even if it is virtually. Currently, I am looking for a middle school or high school string position, but and open to all teaching opportunities!

Riann Mack

University of Central Missouri
Bachelors of Instrumental Music Education
Looking for a string teacher job in the KC Metro area!
"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything."  -Plato

Fiona Madigan

George Mason University
BM in Music, Concentration in Music Education

Sarah Mason

Rice University
Bachelor of Music- Viola Performance
I will be continuing education at Rice University for my Master’s Degree in Viola Performance.

Jessica Moore

University of Texas at El Paso
Bachelor of Music, Minor in Education

Julia Plato

Ithaca College
Music Education
Future Plans: I plan on teaching and performing as much as possible! Can't wait to see what the future holds!
“Perhaps it is music that will save the world.” ― Shinichi Suzuki

Etana Tov Garfinkle Plymesser

University of Louisville
Bachelor's in Music Education
Future Plans: Going on to a Masters in the Art of Teaching at U of Louisville
Things are harder than usual right now, but we'll get through this together.

Bethany Portillo

University of Texas at El Paso
Bachelors of Music Education
Future Plans: I will be a Teaching Assistant at Texas Tech University to earn my Master’s in Music Education.
“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” -Mark Van Doren

Milan Puscas

Oakland University
Bachelor of Music, Music Education and Cello Performance
Future Plans: I plan to continue teaching privately through my studio and look for a job as an orchestra teacher!

Rhoda Kay Roberts

Illinois State University
Bachelor in Violin Performance

Kathleen Schnerer

University of Michigan
Masters in Music Education
Future Plans: My plans after graduation are to continue teaching 7th and 8th grade orchestra at Perrysburg Junior High School in Perrysburg, Ohio.
"... perhaps it is music that will save the world" - Pablo Casals

Kayla Marie Schoeny

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Masters of Music Performance and Literature – Cello
Future Plans: Continue to teach cello and piano, and grow my school – Youth Music Illinois, Suzuki School of Music in Peoria, Illinois.
Do not teach music, teach people.

Katelyn Tai

Ithaca College
Bachelor of Music
“The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant that the fact that music can make beautiful children.” - Cheryl Lavender

Diana Tang

Florida State University
Bachelor of Music Education
Pursuing Masters of Music Education and Performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in the U.K.
"To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also." -Igor Stravinsky

Anna Tschiegg

University of North Carolina Greensboro
Music Education – Instrumental
Future Plans: Pursue an orchestra teaching position in North Carolina.

Allessandra West

Augustana College
Music Education & Violin Performance, Minor in Composition
Future Plans: Planning to find a High School Orchestra Director position in the Chicago suburbs and planning to play violin in Community Orchestras.

Hannah Whitehouse

Northwestern University
Bachelor of Music in Music Education & Bachelor of Science in Social Policy
Future Plans: I have accepted a position with the school district in Memphis, TN, and will begin teaching orchestra in the fall! I can’t wait to teach in the district that exposed me to the power of music a little over a decade ago.

Fellow ASTA Class of 2020 Graduates:
Kristina Abyad
Sara Aldana

Christopher Alexander Aman 
Rebecca Anderson
Michael Anzalone
Alexander Appel 
Anne Archer 
Elise Ashburn 
Maria Purificacion Babb
Erin Renee Ballou 
Joshua Richard Bartosh 
Kea JoyBeasley
Esther Firhony Benjamin
Sara Bieneman 
Shawn Ernest Boucke 
Idalia Bravo
Emma Brown
Evan Campfield
Elmer Carter III
Kyle Case
Alan Chan
Tanner Chilson
Noah Cisneros
Emily Clark
Elisa Clegg
Mia Connery
Zebadiah Yusef Coombs
Brenna Crowgey
Katrina Cwiertniewicz
Rose DaGraca
Bianca D'Avila Do Prado
Rachel Dirks
Grayson Dixon
Krista Lynn Donahue
Angie Duenas
Nassar Edwards
Rebecca Rose Ernst
Alexandra Evans
Caroline Farmer
Alexander Figueroa
Lauren Elizabeth Fischer
Rebecca Fix
Laura Flanagan
Luiz Paulo Castillo Dourado Freire
Miranda Friedrich 
Destiny Rain Gamerl
Carly Adreinne Gould
Megan Grady
Megan Haroldsen
Amelia Hausker
Amalia Grace Helmkamp
Melody Renee Holliday
Juan Ibanez Sanchez
Ashley KathleenIngram
Sophia Isnardi
Aaron Jaapar
Karly Michelle Johnson
Clayton Wen Johnson
Shruthi Kattumenu
Brian Kellum
Aiden Koknat
Jessandra Kono
Emily Krestar
Jessica Kromer
Jessica Kus
Grace Lamb
Stephanie Elena Laun
Phillip Ledgerwood
Nick Leon

Alex Lopez Arrocha

Anna Lugbill
Eva Marble
Ariya Marr
Jeremy James Mattson
Liam McGregor
Mary Meyers
Madison Moll
Abigail Moore
Catherine Moritz
Nicoletta Moss
Meyer Neel
Kalista Nguyen
George Nicholson
April Nix
Charles Page
Dylan Palmer
Aleah Parafinczuk
Zoe Perillo
Shannon Pizzirusso
Thomas Pratt
Clarissa Prigmore
Breonna Proctor James
Matthew Ryan Propst
Liam Ramsey-White
Katherine Elizabeth Reardon
Amy Reece
Erin Renner
Oliver Richards
Aaron Mathew Rockenbach
Hunter Sanchez
Allison Sawyer
Andrew Schlagel
Kayla Schlieper
Hideo Benjamin Schwartz
Conrad Sclar
LeeAnna Bess Sewell
Piper Ann Shaw
Matthew Shipps
Eva Shvartcer
Holly Sidney
Kelly Liane Sieberts
Charlie Siegener
Noelle Singleton
Graham Smith
Kevin Snyder
Arielle Soemadi
Joseph Timothy Steinbart
Madeline Anne Stewart
Taylor Stobinski
Lani Stoddard
Anita Su
Lydia Tabor
Peter Thoeni
Hannah Thompson
Magali Toy
Peter Vando
Amy Renee Villacorta
Alain Ward
Bethany Washington
Alyssa Watson
Laura Whitaker
Hannah Brynn Whitehouse
Lydia Wilkens-Reed
Sheldon Williams
Sarah Wilson
Nicholas Wilson
Sarah Winchester-Arlow
Stephanie Lynne Wood
Jordan Wright
Matthew Wayne Wyatt
Chelsea Xia
Daniel Zipin

Messages to the Graduates

Congratulations ASTA 2020 graduating class! Please receive my heartfelt congratulations on this momentous occasion, a true keystone in your career as a string music educator. This treasurable moment will remain with you throughout your future career, as a giant step in becoming a professional. At ASTA, we will continue to be your dedicated supporters with a promise to help when you need it.  - Selim Giray FY21 Board of Directors

Congrats grads! Thrilled for the students who will be fortunate to work with you. But first, celebrate! - Becky Roesler

To the String Education Class of 2020: Congratulations on your graduation! On behalf of the American String Teachers Association, I can tell you how excited we are to have you as our professional colleagues. You have a wonderful journey ahead of you filled with exciting challenges, plenty of music-making, and opportunities to impact students every day as you go to work. Your work as a string educator will be rewarding and fulfilling every day. Please know that all of us at ASTA want to support you as you embark on this new challenge. For now, it's time to celebrate. Congratulations and welcome to the string education community! Scott Laird

Congratulations! Cherish every musical moment with your students and support them both inside and outside of the classroom. Remember that collaborative relationships between students and teachers are the key to building a successful classroom. You have it in you to positively impact students' lives for years to come.  David Pope

Congratulations, class of 2020! Your hard work has paid off, and we are so excited to see where your career and passions take you. Continue to be innovative and entrepreneurial; your futures are bright! - Jackie Skara

Congratulations! All of your hard work has paid off! Best of luck with moving forward toward your musical and professional goals! - Eric Baker

Well Done! - Galen Reed

Congratulations class of 2020! I know you will lead your students well. Do not forget that you have a whole community of people who are here to support you and help you. We are all so proud of you and cannot wait to see what you achieve!!! - Patricia Urbaniak

If we can graduate during a pandemic then what can't we do?! Congratulations to everyone from the Class of 2020. Good luck in all that you do! - Darby MacAdams

Congrats! You did it! Welcome to the best profession in the world! We are so incredibly excited about what you will do for string music education and the inspiration for playing the string instruments you will bring to your communities as we continue to grow and expand string music education each year. - Blair Williams

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