ASTA Statement on Violence against the
Asian-American and Pacific Islander Community

March 19, 2021

The American String Teachers Association condemns the violence that occurred this week in and around Atlanta, where eight people, including six Asian-American women, were murdered. Incidences of violence, in sixteen of America’s largest cities, toward Asian-Americans have increased over 150 percent in the past year while overall hate crimes fell by 7 percent.1 This community is rightfully worried and scared.

The tragic incident in Atlanta was not only a horrific crime against Asian-Americans but Asian-American women.2 America has no place for such violence and the motivations for it. It is essential that we all recognize the right of every American to live free of such fear, and to pursue the promise of our founders for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
We stand with our string teacher members and their students, as well as our colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors against hate.

1. SHEET- Anti-Asian Hate 2020 3.2.21.pdf

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