Julianna Chitwood
Rockville, MD

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Upcoming MD/DC Events:

September 25th, 2016: “Playing the Violin for a Lifetime Without Pain or Injury” Workshop; Presenter: Ron Mutchnick

October 13th, 2016: “The Business of Running a Studio” Studio Teachers Meeting; Presenter: Cathy Stewart; Location: Potter Violins, Takoma Park

Sunday November 6th, 2016:  “The T’ai Chi of Cello (also violin, viola and bass)” Workshop; Presenter: Doug Wolters

November 10th, 2016: “MORE Lesser Known Gems” Studio Teachers Meeting; Presenter: Mark Pfannschmidt

January 5th, 2017:  “New & Old Music for the New Year” Studio Teachers Meeting; Presenter: Mark Pfannschmidt

January 15th, 2017: Half-day Workshop - “The Solo Violin Literature of Bach”; Presenter: Katie Lansdale

February 2nd, 2017: “Beyond Scales, Etudes and Pieces” Studio teachers meeting; Presenter: Lenelle Morse

February 26th, 2017: ASTACAP Winter exams

March 12th, 2017: Strings Plus Festival

March 26, 2017: Cellobration!  Presenter: Richard Cohen

April 2nd, 2017: Annual Meeting

April 2nd, 2017: Mini-conference; Presenter: Charles Castleman

April 9th, 2017: possible Solo Strings date? (held jointly with MSMTA at UMCP)

April 30th, 2017: ASTACAP Spring Exams

May 14, 2017: Solo String Festival