ASTA's Collegiate Roundtable

Typical Job Description for Instrumental Music Education: Strings

ASTA offers this template as a suggestion for job description development. It is meant to reflect the essential characteristics of an instrumental music education position with a strings emphasis, and was developed with substantial input of many string educators in the field.  Schools considering such a position can adapt the template to fit their needs.

Faculty Position in Instrumental Music Education:  Strings
Area of Appointment:
Music Education, or split between Music Education and Strings


Earned doctorate, preferably Ph.D. in Music Education; successful extensive public school experience; demonstrated knowledge of string methodology and pedagogy; significant achievement in other areas of candidate’s expertise, such as performance, conducting, or research.

Develop and/or supervise string education program: teach courses in string methods and pedagogy for both music education and performance majors (studio and class methods); oversee string techniques classes; supervise student teachers; recruit new students.  Teach other undergraduate and graduate courses in areas of interest and expertise, such as conducting; supervise theses and dissertations, mentor graduate students.  Cultivate relationships with applied faculty; develop strong outreach relationships with string programs and teachers across the state and region.  Possible development/supervision of String Project or other string outreach/service learning program.

Tenure issues
Sample activities