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ASTACAP’s online presence is an important part of our mission. Having established robust pedagogy and student learning benefits over 15 years of live examinations, we want to be sure the examination process (adjudication) is available to all ASTA members and their students. This is the purpose of the Online Examinations. 

The non-competitive philosophy, skill based goals, and flexible curriculum and repertoire are the center of the ASTACAP program. This is consistent no matter how one takes the examination. Find the details in the ASTACAP handbook here

Accepting applications starting January 1 to 31, 2017.
Applications will be submitted to the online format on DecisionDesk.
*The link reflects the changes in the 2015/2016 handbook.
**The fee structure for the online exams can be found on page 10 of the ASTACAP Handbook.**
Walk through step by step an online examination application.

Resources for downloading video from iPhone or Android


Applying For A Student Online

Information Form to Collect Student's Application Information


To learn more about the ASTA Certificate Advancement Program, contact the National Office at libby@astaweb.com or 703-279-2113, ext. 20.