"Because ASTA has played such a huge role in my life, providing amazing resources, connecting me with outstanding teachers and performers who have served as mentors, providing a voice for advocacy, and increasing opportunities to play string instruments, my ASTA membership remains a priority in how my family chooses to invest its dollars." ~Dr. Stephen Benham, Duquesne University

who believes in the value of string and orchestra music benefits from ASTA. As so many of us have seen, playing a string instrument can change a life, and ASTA is actively seeking members who want to make a difference!

Founded more than 65 years ago, ASTA is the premier membership organization for the strings community. ASTA changes lives through music, and you--as a teacher, performer, or string student--do that on a daily basis. When you add your voice, your experience, and your expertise to our community, you participate in a nationwide effort to enrich lives. 

For just 30 cents a day (15 cents for students), you can enjoy the many benefits of ASTA membership, including award-winning publications, top-notch insurance programs, advocacy and teaching resources, professional development opportunities, discounted registration at our annual national conference, activities within your state chapter, and access to an extensive network of colleagues throughout the string profession.

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