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Subscription-only memberships are open to libraries and organizations who ONLY wish to receive the quarterly American String Teacher journal. To order a Library subscription, please submit the application form below to 4155 Chain Bridge Rd. Fairfax, VA 22030.

The annual fee for a Library subscription is $100. A discounted rate of $95 is available to subscribers using a subscription agency. (Rates effective through June 30, 2016.)

String Research Journal
Representing the research community of the American String Teachers Association, the purpose of the String Research Journal (SRJ) is to encourage and improve scholarship and research within the string education profession and to disseminate the results of this work to the string and the larger music teaching communities. The SRJ comprises reports of peer-reviewed original research related to string music teaching, learning, and performance. The journal considers quantitative, qualitative, historical, and philosophical research relevant to string settings from early childhood study to the advanced private studio and string ensembles. The wide range of topics includes various aspects of string pedagogy and teaching practices, effective rehearsals, performance, history, and listener perception.

The SRJ is published once per year and there are currently 4 volumes of the SRJ available. For more information about the journal and to view volume contents please click here.

Application Form
Mail your form, with check or credit card payment, to ASTA, 4155 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, VA 22030, or fax your form, with credit card payment, to ASTA Membership Department, 703-279-2114.