This conference is about sharing ideas, performing, sharing creativity, practical tips and resources, building repertoire and skills in all areas of strings. 

Speaker Requirements:
  • Be an ASTA member at the time of submission and at the time of the presentation
  • Have consent from all speakers who are listed on conference proposal
  • Engage participants
  • Register for the conference and pay the registration fee
  • Provide relevant takeaways for the audience attending
  • Refrain from selling products and/or services during the session. Any proposal or presentation that appears as if it constitutes a sales pitch in any way will not be considered.
  • Provide a handout/outline to share with attendees – a valuable participant benefit
  • Agree to allow ASTA, if accepted, to record the presentation, video or voice, and add it to the ASTA online library for viewing post-event
  • ASTA does not reimburse any speaker expenses
  • Pay any additional audiovisual equipment needed beyond what ASTA will provide
ASTA promises our attendees an exceptional experience, a vibrant community, and essential opportunities that will make them more successful! That means we need sessions that have:
  • Relevant content for experienced strings teacher as well as less seasoned ones
  • Content which is delivered in an engaging way and draws on the experience of the attendees
  • Exercises that involve the participants
  • Examples and case studies of real success (and successful failures!)
  • Practical tools that can be applied immediately