Discovering Strings and Orchestra

Discovering Strings and Orchestra, an ASTA project supported by a grant from NAMM, is designed to encourage young students to participate in string and orchestra programs in their schools and communities. The program partners youth groups, with a focus on students in grades one through three, with volunteer string clinicians in a five-session workshop.

About Discovering Strings and Orchestra

Discovering Strings and Orchestras offers youth groups five sessions to get students in grades one through three interested in string music.

Session One: Introduction to Strings
This session will get students interested in string music. The string clinician will begin with a presentation that includes a brief demonstration by the clinician, a DVD that introduces string instruments and shows students performing, and an instrument petting zoo to allow the students to become familiar with different instruments. The clinician will leave behind activity workbooks for each of the students.

Session Two: Strings and Academics
This session will demonstrate how strings relate to other core academic subjects. ASTA has created lesson plans that relate strings to math, history, world culture, and science. Youth groups are given the opportunity to select the topic that most interests them.

Session Three: Group Lesson
This session will offer youth groups the chance to play at least one instrument. Students will pluck open strings and learn to play-along to a simple tune.

Session Four: Field Trip
This session is a field trip to an instrument shop that repairs or makes instruments on site. This will offer students a chance to try out additional instruments.

Session Five: Field Trip
This session is a field trip to a string music performance. This session may be a public performance or a private performance for the youth group. The clinician will offer the students help in locating private teachers if they are too young for school programs. For communities without string programs, the clinician will help the students advocate for music programs.

Resources for this program:

Discovering Strings and Orchestra Activity Workbook

Sample History Lesson Plan

Sample Math Lesson Plan

Sample Science Lesson Plan

Sample Social Studies Lesson Plan

Sample Group Lesson Plan

Field Trip Alternate Ideas

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