Call for New Music for 2020 Conference Reading Sessions

Deadline January 5, 2020

ASTA members are always looking for new music to add to their repertoire. Don't miss this chance to get your new selections in front of conference attendees. We are collecting submissions for the following reading session categories:

  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-6
  • Eclectic Styles

We will compile and distribute a list of music submissions to all who attend the conference reading sessions, as well as post it on the ASTA website as a member resource.

Here's how to submit music:

  • We are not accepting music with a copyright date before 2019.

  • String editors may send up to 6 selections with no more than 2 pieces of music per category. If you publish multiple brands, it is okay to submit selections from each brand. Please provide each piece in a Set B or Set C instrumentation. Specifically, we are looking for the instrumentation to be 8 violin 1st, 8 violin 2nd, 5 viola, 5 cello, and 3 bass parts plus score.
  • For eclectic styles selections, please include the following, as applicable: 6 violin 1st, 6 violin 2nd, 5 viola, 5 cello, 1 piano/guitar, 3 bass, 1 drum, and score. If the piece has an improvisation section, or "room for improvisation," it MUST have chord symbols in the improvisation section, even if it has a "suggested" or written-out solo. You may submit pieces from beginner (grade 1) through advanced high school groups.
  • Please include the following information for each piece of music submitted: title; composer/arranger; publisher's suggested grade level; price; and duration of piece.
  • Submitted music cannot be returned. After the conference, ASTA will donate music to local schools in need.

The deadline for new music submissions is January 5, 2021

  • Mail to: American String Teachers Association, Meetings Department/Reading Session Music, 4155 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, VA 22030.