Unloading Vehicles

Load-in and load-out must be done through the designated loading docks assigned to the conference (see photos below).

Load-in and load-out through the convention center lobbies is strictly limited to hand-carried items.

Materials that require the use two-wheeled (or more) apparatuses must go through the designated loading dock area. Passenger elevators and escalators are designed for passenger use and not intended to carry heavy loads. 

The convention center cannot accept freight shipments or packages at any time. Freight must be consigned through Fern Exposition Services. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

The loading docks of the convention center are street side docks. They do not have a dock you can back your truck up to. If you have a large truck, you will need to have a lift gate on the truck to get the items out. You can use your own dollies to cart items to the loading dock.

Fern Expo will be there to assist with move-in. Because the load-in doors are on the street with limited ability to pull up and unload, you may have to wait for others to unload before you can.

For more details, please see the Albuquerque Convention Center Exhibitor Rules and the Hall 3 & Hall 4 Loading Zones Map (see attachments below).

Left - Marquette Loading Zone, Hall 4; Right - Tijeras Loading Zone, Hall 3