Pre-conference Deep Dive Workshops

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern Time

Deep Dive Workshops are exclusive to ASTA members. Workshops are held live and available only on the date and time listed above; they are not available on-demand at any other time. Separate registration fees apply; workshops are not included in full conference registration. Space is limited — register today.

Electric String Extravaganza

Everything you've ever wanted to know about amplification, tone-enhancement options, preamps, amps, special effects, and more. Emphasis will be placed on how to use the looper as a tool to teach composition, rhythm, bass lines, and improvisation, as well as applications for all of the above in the private studio and/or classroom or orchestra for practice as well as performance. Ample time for Q&A. Surprise guests.

  • Julie Lyonn Lieberman, Strings Without Boundaries
  • Martha Mooke, ElectroAcoustic Violist/Composer
  • Joe Deninzon, Performer/Clinician
  • Matt Bell, Electric Violin Shop

Jumpstart Your Career: Virtual Teaching and Career-Building Strategies to Ignite Your Future!

Calling all future and early career classroom teachers! This workshop is exclusively for ASTA collegiate student members.

New to teaching strings in a group setting? Jumpstart your career by participating in a highly interactive virtual teaching lab! Attendees will gather optimal strategies for planning, delivery, and assessment of teaching string lessons. As a participant, you will receive feedback on your personal cover letter and resume and will also further develop interview skills for presenting your best professional self!

The DEADLINE to register for this workshop is Monday, February 1, 2021. After registration has closed, you will receive further communication about submitting your cover letter, resume, and a lesson plan for your virtual teaching experience. In the post-registration email, we will provide you with access to a score for your mini lesson, as well as templates and resources to build your materials. Enrollment is limited to the first 40 registrants! Sign up today!

  • Annalisa Chang, Clayton State University
  • Angela Ammerman, George Mason University
  • Blair Williams, Texas Tech University

Teaching Musical Diversity: The Step-by-Step Guide

Black classical composers have produced an exciting range of violin, viola, and cello music. This virtual performance, workshop, panel, and Q&A provides resources for the inclusion of these neglected masters to get you started—or take your studio to the next level.

  • Reach students with diverse backgrounds
  • Find perfect pieces for every student
  • Expand the viola literature with transcriptions
  • Collaborate with living composers and diversity-focused institutions
  • Learn how to teach the standard repertoire of the future

Artist-teachers from the Music by Black Composers Project, the Marian Anderson String Quartet, and Key to Change explore the many paths to inclusive pedagogy.

  • Nicole Cherry, University of Texas San Antonio
  • Quinton Morris, Seattle University SH
  • Rachel Barton Pine, Concert Violinist
  • Gregory T.S. Walker, University of Colorado Denver
  • Juliet White-Smith, Ohio State University

Healthy Teacher, Healthy Classroom: Wellness Workshop for String Educators

As educators and musicians, our most important role is sharing our love of music with our students, but that becomes difficult if we ourselves are burned out, unmotivated, and/or unhealthy. This 5-hour workshop will reinvigorate you by looking at body, mind, and spirit through the lens of being an educator and musician. Wear comfortable clothes because we will stretch, do yoga, and move our bodies as well as inspire our minds.

  • Daryl Silberman, Waubonsie Valley High School