Juried Research Poster Sessions

The American String Teachers Association will sponsor a research poster session at their national convention in Atlanta on Friday, March 9, 2018. We accept submissions of research projects being conducted by undergraduate students, graduate students, university faculty, and practicing teachers in public or private schools. This poster session is open to reports of research involving any aspect of string playing and teaching, including those that are philosophical, theoretical, or historical in nature, as well as reports that are qualitative or quantitative in design. The submission deadline was October 16, 2017 and submitters were notified in December.

Friday, March 9 Juried Research Poster Session
4:30 m – 5:30 pm
Room: Piedmont

An Exploratory Survey of Secondary Instrument Confidence and Competence Among Preservice Music Teachers: Developing an Instrument for Curricular Effectiveness Evaluation
Sandy Goldie, Virginia Commonwealth University

Artist Violinists Performing Bach: Are There Consistent Tuning Patterns?
John M Geringer, Florida State University

The Evolution of Professional Music Teacher Identity: A Comparison of String Project Alumni Within Teaching Career Cycles
Elizabeth Reed, University of South Carolina

Politics of Note: The Impact of the World Wars on String Music Education
Christopher Jannings, Roseville Area High School

Adjusting to the Material: The Effect of Experience and Technical Content on Violinists’ Practice Goals and Behaviors
Andrew Strietelmeier, University of Oregon, School of Music and Dance

A Correlational Study of Performed Intonation, Bow Skew and Bow Placement by String Instrumentalists
David Sogin, University of Kentucky

The Status of String Teacher Education Programs in The United States
Annalisa Chang

String Teachers' Perceptions of Inclusion of Students with Autism in Classroom Settings
Annalisa Chang

String Teacher Identity Development
Kristen Pellegrino, University of Texas at San Antonio

Development of Preservice Conductor Movement Rating Instrument (PCMRI): An Initial Investigation
Jared Rawlings, University of Utah

Effects of Short Term Practice with a Tonic Drone on Middle and High School Violin and Viola Intonation
John-Rine Zabanal, Florida State University

Values and Intersections: Experiences of Two Students of Color in Orchestra
Mallory Alekna, Arizona State University

Sensory Gating. Focus of Attention, and the Practice of String Repertoire: A Study of Reduced Visual Stimuli
Amber Svetik, Florida State University

Peer Teaching and Learning in Instrumental Music:  A Thematic Review of the Literature
Richard Webb, SUNY Fredonia

Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Preparation of String Teachers
Diane Grieser, Paradise Valley Community College
Karin Hendricks, Boston University

The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Remedial Pedagogy on Teenage Violin Students: A Case Study
Vanessa Mio, Western University

Betty, Suzuki, and the Victor String Program
Tim Nowak, Arizona State University

Status and Programming Trends of Youth Orchestras in the United States
David Pope, Elyria City Schools

Procedures and Consequences in Assessing String Sight-Reading Performance
Michael Alexander, Baylor University

EMDR for Performance Enhancement in String Players
David Hays, Missouri State University

A Model For Change: A Case Study of An Innovative Undergraduate Music Ensemble
Emily Heuschele

The Use of Social Media by Expert Musicians
Lindsay Heston McCranie

Assessing Differences in Contextual Auditory Discrimination Skills Among Musicians’ at Varying Levels of Expertise
Lani Hamilton, University of Missouri Kansas City
Robert Duke, University of Texas Austin

Dr. Samuel Applebaum (1904-1986): Violinist, String Pedagogue, and Advocate for String Music Education
Blair Williams, Texas Tech University

Find What Works Best For You: Learning to Practice in a Large Ensemble
Elizabeth Petersen, Ohio State University

Descriptive Study of the Florida Orchestra Association Solo Cello Repertoire List
Jane Palmquist, Brooklyn College
David Pope, Elyria City Schools
Matthew Rotjan, Teachers College Columbia University

An Examination of Note Writing Activities on Note Reading Ability in Suzuki Based Ensemble Classes
Rebecca Tast, Texas State University - San Marcos
Luis Gonzalez-Aponte, Texas State University - San Marcos
Giselle Izaguirre, Texas State University - San Marcos
Hayley Rambo, Texas State University - San Marcos
Gabriel Vazquez, Texas State University - San Marcos

Assessment Practices of American Orchestra Directors
Kristen Pellegrino, University of Texas at San Antonio
Kirk Moss, University of Northwestern, St. Paul
Stephen Benham, Duquesne University

Development of an Instrument to Measure Students’ Chamber Music Rehearsal Processes, Relationships, Motivation and Satisfaction
Michael Hopkins, University of Michigan

A Longitudinal Study of Public School String Orchestra Assessment Ratings at the Middle and High School Level in the State of Virginia
Lisa Maynard, James Madison University
David Stringham, James Madison University
Kristina Monte, Dartmouth Public Schools
Kathryn Venne, James Madison University

Educator-Identified Barriers to Implementing and Maintaining String/Orchestra Programs in the Southern United States
Guy Harrison, Auburn University
Jane Kuehne, Auburn University

An Anaylsis of String Shifting Among Undergraduate Violin Students
Jacqueline Skara, Indiana University

Tracing Tales of Bowing: A Comparison Of The Pedagogical Approaches To Teaching Bowing Technique by Luigi Silva and Elizabeth Cowling
Lisa Maynard, James Madison University

"What Does a Leader Do?": Perceptions of Leadership Behaviors from Orchestra Students in Two Title I Elementary Schools"
Christen Blanton, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Rebecca MacLeod, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Analysis of Pre-Service Orchestra Teachers’ Personality Traits and Repertoire Preferences
Gail Barnes, University of South Carolina
David Pope, Elyria City Schools

Pearls of Pedagogy: An Analysis of the Content of the Marianne Murray Perkins String Pedagogy Collection
Lisa Maynard, James Madison University

The Magic Between the Lines: A Case Study of Mimi Zweig's Teaching Approach
Rose Sciaroni, Indiana University

The Use of Improvisation in Undergraduate String Methods and Techniques Courses
Nancy Conley, Clayton State University

Poparazzi: Popular Music Pedagogy in the Orchestra Classroom
Susan Davis, Brooklyn College

Descriptions of Cello Bowing Skills in the Writings of Artist Cello Teachers
Elaine Colprit, Bowling Green State University

A History of the Youth Orchestras of Lubbock: Thirty Years of Music on the South Plains (1988-2018)
Laurie Williams, University of Missouri Kansas City

Diversity in the Context of the Florida State University Summer Orchestra Camp
Kasia Bugaj, Florida State University

Body Awareness and Its Effect on the Development of Body Frame in Young String Players
Mikela Rayburn, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

A Comparison Study of the Oklahoma Criterion Reference Test Scores Between Fifth-Grade Students Participating In An Orchestral Pull Out Program and Students Not Involved In The Orchestra Program
Charlene Dell, University of Oklahoma