ASTA Roundtable and Forum Discussions
Participate in small discussion groups with your peers.  

Friday, March 9 1:30 pm- 3:45 pm
Collegiate Roundtable I
Bridging the gap between the traditional teaching models and student needs: a look at the musical and pedagogical needs of the collegiate string student.
This session will allow for MUED and applied small group discussions examining why we teach what we teach, and how we can better prepare college students for the performance and teaching related jobs of the future. This session will lead into the Collegiate Round Table Discussion II session.

Collegiate Round Table II and Early Career Achievement Researcher Award

This session will provide an opportunity for groups to report out on the ideas for growth developed in the earlier session.  It will also provide an opportunity for applied faculty and education faculty to share ideas that will benefit all students.  Come and bring ideas on how we can prepare the artists and teachers under our care. There will also be a discussion of the additions that the Collegiate Round Table has proposed for addition to the ASTAWEB website.  The session will end with the presentation of the Early Career Achievement Researcher Award. This award honors an early-career researcher whose scholarly works shows much promise in making continued important contributions to research. 
Led by: Charlene Dell, Collegiate Committee Chair

Friday, March 9 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
K-12 Community Forum
Using the roundtable discussions from Pittsburgh as a springboard for the upcoming roundtable in Atlanta, the k12 discussions will start with addressing challenges such as feeling isolated, experiencing orchestra growth and how to address the associated challenges, managing large groups as well as non-musical issues such as administrative issues. Members of the k12 committee will facilitate these discussions but please bring your challenges, success and any resource ideas to share with the group. Attendees at this roundtable discussion will leave with ideas and resources to implement immediately. 
Led by: Soo Han, K-12 Committee Chair and other members of the K-12 Committee

Friday, March 3 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Private Studio Roundtable: Tricks, Tips and Tactics in the Teaching Studio: Finding Multiple Ways to Achieve Goals
This facilitated discussion is designed for everyone to share ideas, tips and tools so come join us and share your ideas. How do you make it interesting? Tricks for encouraging good position, online sites for theory and games, top five activities to encourage repetition and make it interesting, videotaping lessons showing progression – for students, parents and teacher; answers to these and so many more will be shared. What do you do? Share your collection of tricks and tips. Everyone will leave with a plethora of ideas, tools and resources to add to their current “bag of tricks”.
Led by: Stacia Spencer, chair and other members of the ASTA Studio Teachers Committee 

Friday, March 3 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Eclectic Styles Round-table: Developing the demand for inclusion of eclectic styles at the high school level: Resources for teachers and students.  
This interactive group discussion will allow attendees to share their resources as well as leave with a plethora of new and innovative approaches. Some topical areas include productive uses of technology, orchestral and solo repertoire, plus so much more. Come add your voice to the table!  
Led By: Tracy Silverman, chair and other members of the ASTA Eclectic Styles Committee 

Friday, March 3 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Student Roundtable: Preparing for Your First Year as a New Teacher
Please join the student advisory committee and several new teachers, in their first or second year, who will give participants some of their best tips, what they wish they would have known, resources that can help, and answer questions you have about that first year. Please bring questions and ideas so we can host an interactive and informative discussion. 
There will also be time to mix and mingle after the session for more in-depth discussions. Additionally, this is an opportunity to meet other students, plan hang out time, and maybe grab a quick bite to eat before the rest of the evening’s events. (Dinner is on your own)